Five simple yogaasan

Five simple yoga asana | best five simple yoga asana

Five simple yogaasan | best five simple yogaasan

Five simple yoga asana:-

By doing these five simple yogasanas, you will remain healthy and healthy. By doing yoga, we get rid of many diseases, bereavement, suffering, stress, insomnia, and diseases. If you do not have time to do yoga, then you can stay fit by doing Surya Namaskar. If you have time, then you must do these five simple yogas anas. If you want to get rid of obesity, stress, breathing, backache, blood pressure, or any stomach related disease, then do these asanas. These asanas are very simple. There are many benefits to performing these asanas. For this, you follow our article below.

Five Simple Asanas and Their Benefits!

1) Tadasana!

2) Bhujangasana.

3) Ustrasana.

4) Gomukhasana

5) shavaasan!



In Tadasana, the position of the body becomes similar to that of a palm tree. Therefore it is called Tadasana. It is very easy to do Tadasana and it has many benefits. Being in the Tadasana position makes your feet strong and the paws are quite strong. By doing this asana, your stomach and chest are stretched due to which you get relief from many diseases.



Bhujangasana is also very easy to do. Is quite simple. Doing this asana also benefits you in many ways. Performing Bhujangasana tightens your spine and brings flexibility to your back. It strengthens your lungs and also reduces your obesity. By doing this asana, it helps to reduce your abdominal fat.



There are many benefits of doing Uttrasana and it is quite simple. By doing Uttrasana, you get relief from acidity disease and this asana helps in the prevention of stomach related diseases like construction, indigestion, acidity disease. If you have a throat problem, this posture also relieves you of throat problems.



Gomukhasana is also easy to perform and has many benefits. It relieves your breathing problems and by doing this asana widens your chest and strengthens your lungs. This asana proves very beneficial in rheumatism, ganglia, constipation, testicles, hernia, liver, kidney, metallic disease, polyuria, diabetes, and female diseases

) shavaasan


If you have high blood pressure (hypertension), insomnia, and stress patients, the panacea is a medicine. This frees all internal organs from tension, so that blood circulation begins to flow smoothly. And when blood runs smoothly, physical and mental stress decreases. You can also do asanas in a simple way and by doing this asana, these benefits are also very quick.


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