Do 3 asanas and reduce belly thigh and arm fat:-

Do 3 asanas and reduce belly thigh and arm fat. | best tips of reduce belly thigh and arm fat.

Do 3 asanas and reduce belly thigh and arm fat

Do 3 asanas and reduce belly thigh and arm fat:-

Nowadays everyone is troubled by the fat of their thigh and abdomen. This makes them look very bad.  Also, they have to face a lot of difficulties while walking. Today we will tell you about three such yogasanas which you can easily reduce the fat of your thigh and arms. This asana is not very difficult to do.  But if you want, you can do this asana by staying inside Yoga instruction. You must have heard about these asanas before and must have done it at some time.  This posture will reduce your thigh belly and arm fat very fast. Today we will teach you how to do these three asanas and how will you benefit from them?  It will show For this, you follow the article given below.

1) Adhomukh Shwansan

2) Utkatasan

3) Konasana


Adhomukh Shwansan

Adhomukh Swanson:-

Lie on your stomach on a yoga mat. After this, while stretching the breath, lift the body with your feet and hands and make a table-like shape. While exhaling, slowly raise the hips upwards. Keep your elbows and knees tight.  Decide that the body is inverted in the shape of 'V'. During the practice of this asana, the shoulders and hands remain in a straight line. While the feet will remain in line with the hips. Keep in mind that your ankles will be outward. Now press your hands down towards the ground and try to pull the neck longer. Keep your ears touching the inner part of your hands and try to focus your eyes on the navel.  In this position, stop for a few seconds and after that kneel down on the ground and come back to the table like position again. This asana makes the lower abdominal muscles strong. Increases blood circulation of your body. Improves digestive system and controls your enzymes.



Sit with the feet slightly apart and keeping the spine and head straight. Sitting on the toes, raise both eddies well, while holding the breath. Place both elbows on the knees. Put one hand on the other and rest it on your chin.  While exhaling, rest the buttocks on the eddy. Breathe slowly and exhale slowly and remain in the same position as well. The duration of the position depends on you. Gradually, you keep increasing this period. Then slowly return to the initial state. Utkatasana plays a big role in strengthening the toes. It keeps the thighs healthy, provides strength to the knees. In this way makes your legs strong and helps in walking. Helps in increasing the activity of the digestive system. 



While standing upright, make the feet as wide as the hip-width and keep your hands on the sides of the body. Breathe in and raise your left hand in such a way that your fingers stay in the direction of the ceiling. Tilted to your right, then move your pelvis to the left and tilt a little more.  Keep your left hand tilted upwards. Turn your head to look above the left palm.  Keep elbows straight. While breathing, straighten your body back. While leaving the breath, bring your left hand down. Help to keep the spine and arms and legs straight and stretched. Strengthening of arms, legs, and all parts of the torso.


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