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Yoga for Work Home | best yoga tips fo work home

Yoga for Work Home:-Today most people are doing their work from home due to lockdown and virus.  Today we will tell you yoga for work home people.  Working from home has become a normal life today.  Digestive problems are overcome by doing yoga.  Also, energy is transmitted in the body.  By doing yoga, our immune system is strengthened.  It is necessary for work home people to do yoga because they do not have a problem with cervical pens and their shoulders remain strong.  Therefore they are required to do yoga and it is beneficial for them.  It is important to keep in mind these three rules before exercising.  Inhale deeply, follow the motion and do yoga according to your ability.  Exercise also increases the flexibility of the body and reduces obesity.  Today we will tell you some such asanas and how to do it and its benefits, follow the article below for it.

Yoga for Work Home tips:-

1) Tadasana

2) Bhadrasana

3) Sashakasana.

Tadasana _

Tadasana is also known as Mount Pose.  While performing this asana, you have to be stable on the ground and connect to the earth so that energy can flow in the body.  Tadasana yoga posture works effectively to increase the length of your body and stretch the body from legs to arms. Practicing this asana really benefits your entire body and mind.

Tadasan Method:-

Tadasana Method:-

1) For this, you first stand up and keep your waist and neck straight.

2)  Now put your hand over the head and while breathing, slowly pull the whole body.

3)  Feel the stretch from toe to toe.  Keep this state for some time and breathe out. 

4) Then while exhaling, slowly bring your hands and body to the first position.

5)  In this way a cycle is completed.

Benefits of doing Tadasana:-

Tadasana reduces your weight and if you have a problem with back pain then it gives relief to your back pain.  It increases your height and is also beneficial in your back pain.  It also relaxes the pain of muscles of your body and gives relief in pain of knees and feet.


Bhadrasana brings good results for the performer.  This asana is Hatha Yoga, described in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika is the Muladhara or root cycle of life.  This asana is done by sitting and doing so till the person feels comfortable doing it.  Bhadrasana yoga is also called 'Gracios pose' in English.

Bhadrasana method:-

1) First of all, place the dari or mat or yoga mat in a uniform and flat place.

2) now sit in Vajrasana.  Now keep the knees as far away as possible. 

3) Place the toes in such a way that the toes stay in contact with the ground and keep the buttocks (hips) between the toes on the ground.


4)  Place the palms of both hands down on the knees.  Keep the body stable and straight. 

5) The waist-neck should be straight.  Now focus on the front of the nose.

Benfits of doing Bhadrasana :-

A useful posture for sitting in meditation. Increases concentration power and increases brain intensity. Reduces manpower Relief is found in problems like weakness, insomnia, and hiccups.


Sashakasana method :-

Sashakasana method:-

1) First sit in Vajrasana and then lift both your hands up while inhaling.

2) Feel the shoulders adjoining the ears. 

3) Then, bending towards the front, spread both hands forward parallel, while exhaling, place the palms on the ground. 

4) Then put the forehead on the ground. 

5) Stay in this position for some time and come back to the state of Vajrasana.

Benefits of doing sashakasana:-

1) This asana is beneficial for heart patients. 

2) This asana reduces the fat in the stomach, waist, and hips.

 3) provides strength to the intestine, liver, pancreas, and kidneys. 

4) With regular practice of this asana, mental diseases like stress, anger, irritability also go away.


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