While doing Virasan,

Virasana | Benefits of doing Virasana.

Virasana | Benefits of doing Virasana.


Virasana Veer means warrior and asana mean sitting.  Veerasana is a word derived from Sanskrit.  By the way, there is not much difference between Vrajasan and Veerasan.  By doing this asana, it keeps you active and also helps you to remain alert.  This asana has been created by yogis.  Veerasan is also helpful in controlling your mind with authority.  Viraasan is very easy to do.  Veerasan will prove to be beneficial for you in many ways. Veerasan is also considered the best posture for meditation.  While doing this asana, you get away from being connected to the world.  Your sleeping subconscious mind wakes up.  This asana was designed for someone with a strong body and a stable mind.  We will tell you the method of making Veerasan and the benefits and follow the article given below.

Method of Viraasana.:-

1)Sit down in Vajrasana.

 2) Holding your right ankle, take the right claw out from under the buttock and keep it out of the right thigh.  See the image above.

3) Do this with the left leg also.

4) In doing so, your buttocks should touch the floor.

 5) Rest your hands on your knees.

 6)As long as you can sit comfortably, stay seated in Veerasan.


Caution while performing Viraasanas.


While doing Virasan, you always have to keep in mind that if there is already an injury to your ankle or knees, you cannot do the posture.  Otherwise, you will face more problems and even if you have any problem related to heart, you cannot do this asana. If you also have a headache, you should do this asana by sitting on a round pillow.  It is very important to keep these things in mind. You should do this asana mostly in the morning.  But if you do this asana in the evening for some reason, then you have to keep in mind that you have eaten at least 4 to 6 hours before doing this asana. Before performing this asana, you need to know that your stomach is empty.


Benefits of doing Virasana.

Virasana creates a stretch in your thigh, knees, and ankles.  It also corrects your digestive function. This asana reduces the swelling in the feet of pregnant women and this asana is very beneficial for those with high BP asthma.

This asana helps to relieve the symptoms of menopause.  This asana balances the mind increases the power of concentration. After fatigue, doing Veerasana increases blood circulation in the feet and provides relief.


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