How is diabetes? | Diabetes reduction treatment

How is diabetes? | Diabetes reduction treatment

Cause of obesity

Do you know how diabetes occurs?  If not, today we will tell you. How is diabetes? Diabetes means diabetes mellitus is a nutritional disorder. The only cause of diabetes is a modern lifestyle and running life which has a negative impact on health. As a result, people become diabetic.  The disease is caused by overeating, obesity, and depression. Due to lack of insulin, glucose is not converted into glycogen and the amount of glucose in the blood starts increasing and is excreted from the body through urine, which makes the person very weak and eyesight is also reduced. Diabetes is mainly divided into two parts. The number of diabetic patients in India is around 5 .8 crores.  India has the highest number of diabetes patients worldwide. If you want to overcome diabetes then you must do chest postures like_Bhujangasan, Paschimottanasan Pawanmuktasan, ArdhaMachindrasan should be regularized.

Symptoms of diabetes!

1)Diabetic patient feels very hungry and thirsty.

2) If you have diabetes, your body will not grow out.

3) A diabetic patient experiences physical and mental fatigue early.

4) ) If you are suffering from diabetes, then you will have constipation.

5) People suffering from itching and drowsiness near the genitals of a diabetic patient.

1) If you drink bitter gourd juice on an empty stomach every morning, then you will get relief from sugar disease.  Bitter gourd reduces your sugar level and you can make and eat its vegetable along with its juice.

2) Amla is also beneficial for your diabetes disease.  Take out the middle of the amla and grind it to make a paste and filter it with a cloth and extract its juice.  If you drink this juice mixed with a cup of water every day, then you will see a big difference in your diabetes disease.

3) Berries are also very beneficial for your diabetes disease.  Dry and grind the berries.  Take its powder daily with water.  It helps a lot in preventing your diabetes disease.

4) Basil leaves are also beneficial for causing a lot of illness.  If you eat two to three basil leaves on an empty stomach every day and or drink juice extracted from it every day in the morning, it reduces your sugar level.

5) Use medicines first.  If you are not recovering from the use of medicines, you can also take home remedies.  That also controls your diabetes.


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