Adho Mukho Svanasana steps | benifits

Adho Mukho Svanasana steps | benifits

Adho Mukho Svanasana steps | benifits

Tadasana is composed of two words.  Tad and Asan,  tadasana. Tad means mountain and posture are called sitting posture. By doing this yoga, blood flow in the body is good and the length also increases. By doing this yoga, our body's digestive system. the power to digest food increases. The joints of the body such as the ankle strengthen the knees and bones. This posture would be very simple, you can do it with ease in your home as well.

Method of doing Tadasana.

1._ First of all, you place your mats together and see a neat place.

2._Now stand with your face towards the sun.

3._Now you take both your hands up and join both hands. Now connect both your hands properly and bring them on your head.

4._ You raise your knees in the air and stand on your toes, and the heels of the feet meet each other.

5._Now lift your hands from the head and lift it up and then waving in the air, come in a careful position.

6._After staying in this pose for some time, repeat it again.

7._Keep in mind one thing whenever you do this yoga, you keep your breathing process normal. Do Tadasana at least 10 times daily.

Benifits of tadaasan.

Benefits of tadasana.

1.blood flow in the body

2.our body's digestive system

3.ankle strength

4.knee pain

5.Increase in length

blood flow in the body

blood flow in the body

By doing this yoga, the blood of our body reaches every part.  Arteries carry blood from the heart to the rest of the body and veins carry blood back to the heart.  Through this yoga, our blood flow also increases to a great extent and maintains the flow in the whole body.

our body's digestive system

By doing Tadasana Yoga, the process of digestion of our body increases.  That is, the activity of digesting our food increases, and the digestive system is properly in our body.  That's why we should do this yoga correctly.

ankle strength

If you have pain in your ankles, then doing this yoga will stretch and strengthen the major joints located in your audio. This will improve your balance and help you to heal or avoid old and new injuries.

knee pain

knee pain

If you are troubled by the pain of your knees, then by doing this yoga you will benefit and your knee pain will also reduce to a great extent. This posture is also very easy to do.

Increase in length

Somehow if you are small then this yoga is very effective yoga. Doing this yoga will increase your length. This makes your waist look very attractive and your body is also healthy. If a person wants to increase his height, then he should also eat protein-rich food and also do yoga for 10 minutes at least daily.


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