Gomukhasana | Benefits of performing Gomukhasana

Gomukhasana | Benefits of performing Gomukhasana


   Gomukhasana is very beneficial for women.  Gomukhasana protects you from many diseases like arthritis, sciatic indigestion, constipation, mental disease, diabetes, if you do asanas after getting back pain, you get rid of these diseases. Gomukhasana whereby the posture of our feet is similar to the face of a cow.  Go also means light.  Hence Gomukh also means inner light or headlight. In Gomukhasana, there is a simultaneous stretch of several organs in the body, such as knees, jams, hips, chest, neck, arms, and legs, while performing Gomukhasana you have to take many precautions also. Today we will tell you what precautions you should take while doing Gomukhasana and you will also tell its benefits, for that you follow the article below.

Method of performing Gomukhasana.


  1. Sit in a state of Sukhasana. Now keep the heel of the left foot near the right buttock.


  1. Fold the right foot over the left foot in such a way that the knee of the right foot remains above the left foot and the heel and the part of the claw touch the buttock. Move the palms upward by turning the left hand behind the back.


  1. Lift the right hand upright on the right shoulder and tie the hands together, folding with the elbows while rotating backward. Now pull both hands in your direction. Stretch your bent right hand upwards as per your ability.


  1. Now keep your body straight. Control your breath and try to stop as much power as you can in this state.


  1. Do this asana 5 times by changing hands and feet. Finally, slowly exhale and sit again in a state of happiness.

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