Chakrasana( wheel pose ) | Benefits of Chakrasana

Chakrasana( wheel pose ) | Benefits of Chakrasana

Chakrasana (wheel pose):-is beneficial to us in many ways.  We get relief from many types of diseases with Chakrasana. What is Chakrasana Yoga? Chakrasana is made up of two words. Chakras and Asanas Chakrasana!  In Chakrasana Yoga, the shape of the body is similar to that of the Chakra wheel.  Therefore it is also called (wheel pose).  It is also called upward Dhanurasana, as opposed to Dhanurasana.  Chakrasana is best for making the spine flexible and strong.  Today we will tell you the method of Chakrasana and its benefits.  If you read it carefully and do this posture at home, then it will give you many benefits. Follow the below article

Chakrasana( wheel pose )

Method of Chakrasana.

1. Lie on your back on the ground in an inhalation state.

2. Keep the knees of both the legs touching the buttocks with the ankles. Fold both hands behind the shoulder. The claws of the hands turned inward.

3. Slowly lift the entire body above the hands and feet. There is a difference of half a foot between the hands and feet and the head stays between the two hands.

4. Stretch the body upward as much as possible so that it becomes circular. Do this asana for 30 seconds to 2 minutes, but do it according to the capacity.

5. Now slowly come back repeat this asana two or three times

Benefits of Chakrasana..

Benefits of Chakrasana.

1. This asana is very useful for the students as it has an effect on the whole body, which brings flexibility in blood circulation muscles, and bones. The body becomes beautiful and shapely.

2. By doing this asana, the body length increases. Eliminates back pain, so it is especially beneficial for students studying and those working on computers.

3. Chakrasana increases the supply of oxygen to the lungs, which gives oxygen-rich blood to the entire body and increases the body's ability to function. Removes stress and depression.

4. Performing Chakrasana helps in the problem of infertility asthma and osteoporosis. Relieves hernia.

5. If you do Chakrasana in the right method, then it gives relief in any kind of pain in your kidneys. The shoulder provides strength and stability to the hands, wrists, and feet.

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