Sukhasana (easy pose) | What are the benefits of doing a sukhasana

Sukhasana (easy pose) | What are the benefits of doing a sukhasana

Sukhasana (easy pose): - What is this, what is its meaning? Sukhasana is the literal meaning of (Easy Pose). Whenever we do this asana, we really get spiritual peace and happiness. But today the time is such that we do not have time to sit on the floor.  In ancient times, people used to eat food after eating. But now some time has come in which people not only eat food while sitting down but also sit at the table and eat in many other places. But now in today's time, as much as the person is happy, he is also sick. But when we do asanas, our body protects from diseases to a large extent.  Today, we will give you the method of doing asana, and what precautions should be taken while doing it, what are its benefits?  Everyone will tell you to read this article carefully.

Sukhasan( Easy Pose)

Method of Sukhasana.

  1. To do the pleasure posture, first of all, place a mat or carpet on the ground. Keep both your legs straight towards the front.


  1. Place the heel of one leg under the thigh of your other foot. Then keep the heel of the other foot in the same way. By doing this you will be in a state of parenting.


  1. Keep your back and spine straight. Paying attention to this, you should not be more liar and loosen your shoulders. Take your mother-in-law first inward and then leave outward.


  1. Place your palms on top of your palate one by one. Lift your head up and close both your eyes.


  1. Take long and deep breaths while focusing your attention on your breathing. If you feel difficulty while doing the posture, you can do it by resorting to a wall.

Precautions while doing pleasure posture.

If you have problems with joints, do not do this asana or under the supervision of an expert. If there is any kind of injury in the spinal cord, do not do this asana.  After sitting for a long time, understand the process of your body, and do the posture accordingly. Always do this asana in a quiet place. If you are doing it excessively, then you should do this asana by facing east or north.

What are the benefits of doing a sukhasana?

There are many types of benefits from doing asana. They give you a feeling of mental happiness and peace.  If you are suffering from anxiety or anger then you should do happiness posture because by doing this you get a very calm mood. By doing this asana, it becomes our right habit to sit. Wandering knees are strong. If you are suffering from asthma then this asana is very beneficial for you.

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