10 Ways to Avoid Diabetes or Diabetes

10 Ways to Avoid Diabetes or Diabetes

10 ways to avoid diabetes or diabetes: - Diabetes/diabetes disease is such that you cannot say that you cannot have diabetes. Millions of people worldwide are suffering from diabetes/diabetes and will continue to be so. 10 ways to avoid diabetes or diabetes If you want to avoid diabetes, then you have to take some measures from now.

10 ways to avoid diabetes or diabetes


10 ways to avoid diabetes or diabetes Today, diabetes disease has taken the form of a major epidemic, and the number of diabetic/diabetic patients will continue to increase for the next 20 years. Much has been spoken and written about controlling diabetes and leading a healthy life with diabetes/diabetes, but at the same time, the aspect of prevention of diabetes needs to be highlighted. The biggest problem of this disease is that you cannot say whether you can get this disease or not. Therefore, it is better to take the right steps beforehand and stay away from it.

1) Check your sugar level

2) Change your lifestyle-

3) Eat healthily-

4) Limit your food portion-

5) Be physically active

6) Do not smoke

7) Drink alcohol

8) Get enough sleep

9) manage stress

10) Regular health check-up

1 Check your sugar level

Many people already suffer from diabetes. He has (fasting sugar 100–125 mg/dl) and he is completely unaware of this. A sugar test will help you understand if you have pre-diabetes or not, and what are the chances of developing it. If you have prediabetes, you can take the right steps to prevent it and prevent it from turning into irreversible diabetes.

Check your sugar level

2 Change your lifestyle-


Sometimes, small changes can make a big difference. Lifestyle intervention (change) is the best example to prevent diabetes. Several studies on diabetes prevention programs have proved that diabetes can be prevented effectively by adopting healthy changes, leaving a sedentary lifestyle.

3 Eat healthily-

Eat a low calorie, especially a low saturated fat diet. Testing has shown that fat (fat) intake should not exceed 30 percent of total calorie intake while saturated fat (saturated fat) should be restricted to just 10 percent. Include vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, dairy products, and sources of omega-3 fats. In addition, increase fiber intake too.

Eat healthy


4 Limit your food portion-


How much you eat and when you eat is very important. Splitting food throughout the day reduces the risk of obesity and diabetes. Eating food in proportion portions will definitely prove useful. Irregularity in eating patterns can also cause drastic changes in blood sugar levels.

Limit your food portion

5 Be physically active

The best way to stay healthy is to exercise. This not only prevents diabetes but also has a positive effect on your overall health. You will feel refreshed and energetic. People who are overweight and obese should include exercise in their daily activities. 30 minutes of exercise whether it be aerobics, simple activities such as dancing, tennis, walking quickly reduces your risk of diabetes/type 2 diabetes by 30 percent. If you are finding it difficult to make time to exercise, walk between your breaks or after eating at your office premises. This will regulate your blood sugar levels and reduce the risk of diabetes.


Be physically active

6 Do not smoke

People who smoke, double the risk of diabetes. You will have to quit this habit only then other changes will be able to have a complete effect on your health.

Do not smoke

7 Drink alcohol

People who drink more alcohol tend to gain weight more quickly. Obesity also increases the risk of diabetes. If you have prediabetes, alcohol can cause a rise in blood sugar and give you diabetes early.


Drink alcohol

8 Get enough sleep

A night of good sleep for at least 7-8 hours every night is very important. Adequate sleep will keep your energy levels high during the day, plus it will help reduce your craving for high-calorie food.

Get enough sleep

9 manage stress

The more you stress, the more you will follow unhealthy habits. Studies show that stress hormones alter blood sugar levels and directly increase your risk of diabetes. To reduce your stress level, practice meditation, yoga, listening to music, do any activity that will keep you relaxed and happy.

manage stress

10 Regular health check-up

There is no evidence that diabetes can be prevented forever. As you age, the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and other health problems are also associated with diabetes. Therefore, after the age of 47, it is necessary to undergo a complete health check-up regularly every year.

10 Regular health check up

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